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punching products

We carry a huge range of punches and dies for just about every make of printing press, whether it’s the popular New Generation system or the traditional serrated style fitted to your machine, we have them in stock for immediate delivery. We can offer 5/32” (4mm) sprocket hole sizes along with a full range of file holes from 1/8” (3mm) up to ½” (13mm).

Using our in-house CNC manufacturing facility we can also make custom sizes and any special shape that you might need – Oblongs, Triangles, Rectangles, Star Shapes etc,.

New Generation punches and dies are available in various grades of steel offering a choice between affordability and longevity; please contact us to discuss what grade of material is right for you. New Generation tooling can be expensive to replace if not looked after correctly, our years of experience and quality replacement parts could save you a small fortune – we are only too pleased to offer any advice you might need.

A complete range of accessories are available including Punch and Die Pullers for removing stuck punches and dies, replacement anti-vibration screws, setting gauges and setting punches etc.,

Along with consumable parts we also manufacture complete punching units for both Forms and Label presses, most circumferences and hole pitches can be produced in both line hole and file hole formats. If you just require new rings to go onto existing shafts we can offer quick and accurate solutions including New Generation tooling of the highest quality.

In addition to rotary tooling we can manufacture “hard on hard” tooling for machines such as Dimuken.  Standard holes are available along with more complex units for producing car park tickets, card carriers, labels and tags.

Our skilled engineers are able to repair and replace damaged tooling, remove impossibly stuck dies and generally refurbish your punching units, please call us for a no obligation quotation.

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Punching Products
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