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High quality printing blankets at affordable prices are essential to the smooth running of your business. That’s why we offer the option to buy press ready blankets in cut sheets or, for greater economy, mini rolls which your operators can cut down for specific jobs. Whichever is right for you the price per square metre is the same, as is the quality.  

Sticky backed self adhesive blankets are available in a full range of gauges, 0.90mm, 0.95mm, 1.00mm and 1.05mm suitable for all Business Forms and many Envelope machines.

Utilising a closed cell compressible layer, rather than a paper fibre matrix, the blankets offer an exceptional service life, improved shock absorption and rapid recovery. This closed cell layer also resists the absorption of moisture and solvents helping to keep the blankets on press for longer and reducing your press down time.   

A micro ground, high performance top layer ensures good ink transfer and quality printing on almost any paper using both conventional and UV inks. If you are using a dedicated UV system on your press then we have a purpose designed UV blanket available.

Just as important as getting the blanket to stick to the cylinder is the ability to remove it without it tearing or leaving a sticky residue, our blankets are manufactured with a paper release backing sheet which provides extra rigidity for easier mounting and a specially formulated adhesive that leaves no mess on the cylinders.

Along with self adhesive blankets we offer a full range of conventional blankets in most gauges and with all kinds of blanket bars, including “Master/Slave” systems. Manilla and adhesive polyester packing sheets are also available in a full range of thicknesses.        

If you would like to be sure of receiving the right amount of blankets just when you need them please talk to us about a call off order, we will hold an agreed amount of stock so you can consolidate your requirements with all the other items that you purchase from us......

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