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Crimp Tools

Having manufactured crimp tools for over 25 years we have built up a complete range for all makes of Continuous Stationery Collators, most of which are held in stock for immediate delivery.
We only use the highest quality steel and machinery adapted by us to produce the most accurate tooth spacing on all our crimps, this ensures that your multipart sets will hold together and run on your customers’ printers without problems. In addition to crimp tools we manufacture most styles of crimp diering anvils and cleanout tools.

If you have a crimping issue let us assist you by designing and making a new style of crimp to suit your specific needs.
Download our Crimp leaflet

Crimp tools
Multi-flex Tape
Image of multi flex tape Multi-Flex, Cobi-Flex, Ti-Tape: There are many names for the same product, essentially it is a green strip of adhesive material inserted through the sprocket holes to aid the crimp strength of multipart forms. We stock this tape in 3 sizes: 13mm x 150M rolls, 13mm x 450M rolls and 2.5mm x 2000M rolls. Tried and tested worldwide on the most demanding of collators this tape has proved to be reliable and cost effective. We can also supply cut-off blades, press rollers and silicon oil for most makes of application units, please call for details.
Download our Multi-flex leaflet
Tractor Feed Units
Image of a bama pin belt From complete units with or without spline shafts, etc. through to replacement belts and pins we can supply every conceivable part for most makes of tractor feed units.
Numbering Box Cleaner and Pre Inked Rollers
Image of a numbering box Nr.1 Numbering Box Oil cleans and lubricates all at the same time saving time when cleaning up after a job. There is no need to take the boxes apart, just spray, brush off and store your boxes. Available in Red or Black and in various sizes we stock pre-inked rollers for most numbering units.
Download our Numbering Box Cleaner leaflet
Wash-Up Blades
Image of wash-up blades Wash Up blades are available for all makes of Continuous Stationery, Web Fed, Sheet Fed and many other machines. Made from a high quality steel body that does not bend or distort then bonded to a smooth, highly durable rubber wiping edge these wash up blades are excellent quality at competitive prices. Along with metal/rubber blades we can supply plastic, Volculan and other types of materials used in both litho towers and numbering units.
Skip-Slit Perf Mending Tape
Image of skip-slit perf mending tape A perforated splicing tape used to join together split packs or to allow continuous feed to collators and other post press equipment the 3M branded tape is of the highest quality. It can be written on and separates quickly and cleanly when required to. Stocked in 66m rolls for immediate delivery.
Print Rollers and Damper Covers
Image of damper covers Rubber print rollers and roller covers such as Super-Shrink, Rogers, Molleton and Red 1 are supplied in a wide range of sizes for all makes of press. Rollers can be supplied complete with end bearings and so are ready to fit on to the press straight out of the box.
Paper Drills and accessories
Image of paper drills Paper drill bits are supplied in all sizes and with fixings for all popular makes of drill such as Soag, Iram, Challenge, Lihit, Citoborma and Standard, etc. Various surface coatings such as Teflon and longer length drill bits are available as well as drill sharpening kits and pads and discs. We offer a drill bit sharpening service, if your hand held sharpener isn’t doing the job then send your drills to us for a professional refurbishment, we’ll even clear out the jammed paper chads!
Compensation Roller Coverings
Image of roller coverings Velcro and Safety Walk are the most popular roller coverings in the printing industry and can be used to cover a range of idle rollers and “S” wrap compensation rollers where it is important to keep ink transfer to a minimum and retain a degree of traction on the rollers. We stock both types in 2” wide rolls with self adhesive backing to make recovering as simple as possible. We can also supply specialist tapes such as “pimpled silicon” used in areas where adhesive bleed is an issue.
Cutting Sticks
Image of cutting sticks Available in straight, wavy, square and flat configurations cutting sticks are an important part of the guillotining process. Making sure your sticks are changed when they become worn or damaged will improve the cut quality and preserve your expensive knives.
Please call for details of types available.
Air Shaft Spares and Repairs
Image of air shaft spares Whether it’s just a faulty valve, a leaking bladder or worn out rubber pads if the airshafts on your press are not holding the rolls securely your print quality and maybe even operator safety might be compromised. We can supply spare parts or arrange to have your airshaft repaired economically.
Forms Measuring Rulers
Image of a ruler Our Stainless Steel rulers are useful just around the office for general measurements but they are specifically made for Business Forms use, having both Metric (1mm increments) and Imperial (1/32, 1/16, 1/6, 1/12 and 1/10 increments) divisions on the same strong, round cornered steel rule. They are also punched with sprocket holes along one edge for easy reference.
Tinting Inks
Image of tinting inks Whilst not as common as they once were Web Tinting Units are still used and we can supply the full range of colours in solvent based inks. Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Old Gold and Vellum are the most popular as they provide distinctive colour separation on multipart forms, books and pads.
Other colours can be matched to order, all that’s needed is a paper sample or Pantone reference.
Filter Bags and Pads
Image of filter bags Filter bags and pads will prolong the life of your fount solution, helping to reduce downtime and improve print quality. Ensuring they are replaced regularly will be cost effect as the expense of environmentally recycling waste chemicals becomes increasingly more costly.
Available in a range of sizes and styles for most make of machines – please call for details.
Didde® and SuperWeb Machine Spare Parts
Image of Didde We have access to just about every single part for the complete range of Didde® and SuperWeb printing presses. From a simple nut, bolt or washer right the way through to complete print cylinders and everything else in-between, we have the knowledge and the connections to get you the part you need to keep your press running. With over 14,000 parts available and very short delivery schedules, if it’s in your Didde® manual we can probably supply it. If you have the six figure part number it’s helpful, but if you don’t just call us with as much information as you have and we will source the part and the price by return.

Didde® is a registered trademark of the Stolle Machinery Co., LLC

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